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Date SubmittedIssue#Org TypeOperating RuleIssue CategoryIssue Description
4/3/2013 63 Software Vendor(Practice Management System) 6 Other The data element names are not presented in a ‘standard’ way. For example in some instances the Contact is a sub-element of the Contact Name and in o... View_Issue
3/25/2013 59 Software Vendor(Practice Management System) 7 Interpretation As of 1/1/2014 is the Health Plan’s enrollment application/process or claims payment application/process required to generate the NACHA ACH CCD format... View_Issue
3/25/2013 58 Health Plan 9 Interpretation Is there a way to code the following situation in a 271 without using MSG segments-Subscriber/Dependent has two benefit accumulations for Diabetic Edu... View_Issue
3/25/2013 57 Clearinghouse 7 Interpretation Is the required data element nomenclature only applicable to human-readable interfaces?  That is, if I have an EFT enrollment webpage that uses differ... View_Issue
3/25/2013 56 Health Plan 9 Interpretation In rule 156, the 270 second requirement for realtime transactions is the defined as the duration for the entire round-trip of the transaction from the... View_Issue
3/25/2013 55 Health Plan 9 Interpretation While reviewing the Companion Guide template, we noticed that section 1 – Introduction and section 10- Transaction Specific Information are exactly th... View_Issue